3 Tips to Setting Your Course & Making a Difference!

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Now is the time! The New Year is the perfect time to set your course so you can intentionally keep things on track all year long! But the New Year is not the only time to do that! You can make the choice to redirect your course at any time of year!

When it comes to your life and ministry, how will you set the course for the year? What changes will make this year more effective? Here are a few ways to help you:

1. Make time with Jesus a priority.

Nothing will serve you better than intimate time with Him. It will help you maintain an eternal perspective, rejuvenate you in difficult times, and feed your soul. It will also help improve your attitude and how you interact with others. You will be tempted to skip this sweet time when life gets full but stand firm and trust that God will help you even when you feel overwhelmed by what must be done. Just by making that regular space with Him you are demonstrating your trust in the One who loves you most!

2. Systematically reflect.

Maybe it is every Monday, or the first day of every month—whatever works for you. Put it on the calendar and do it regularly.

When you are reflecting, take the time to consider what’s working and what’s not? How are you feeling about your life, work, and relationships? What proactive changes do you need to make to keep your life, work, and relationships heading in the right direction? And don’t forget to notice what you are doing well and celebrate those accomplishments and thank God for His help. How can you do more of what’s contributing to what’s working well?

Reflecting will have a positive impact on everything you do – your role in ministry, your personal life, and more!

3. Pick a theme for the year.

Whether you settle on a single word, verse, or theme, select something to focus on throughout the year. Pick something that will help you to stay on track and remember what’s important.

Then surround yourself with that word, verse or theme. Hang it in your office, post it in your car, and ponder it each morning during your quiet time. Invite others to check in with you and see how it is going.

It’s the little things that have the most profound impact on your life and in your leadership. Praying that this is your most fruitful year in ministry so far! God eagerly wants to enjoy a personal relationship with you and to make a difference in the lives of children and adults! What a blessing it is to be a part of the process.

How will you ensure that you stay on course?

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