4 Things To Remember Going Forward

Marvae EikanasLeadership

There’s no denying that the last year and a half have been challenging; life changing! Not only did 2020 rock our world personally, but it disrupted and challenged the church in significant ways. It forced us to do ministry in innovative ways that we might not have considered previously. It stretched us.

Life is slowly returning to normal, or at least a new version of normal, more in some parts of the world than for others.

Whether your back to meeting in person or operating in hybrid mode, there are some powerful truths to keep in mind going forward!

1. God Is Still In Control!

First and foremost, He’s still on the throne. He continues to be at work in mighty ways, He still loves you deeply and unconditionally, and He’s always using the good, bad, and the ugly for His glory!

He hasn’t changed – He longs to reach the lost! God delights in your efforts to share the Good News with children and parents! He’s excited by your efforts to make a difference in your community!

He longs to meet with you. Think about that! The God of the universe wants to spend intimate time with you. He cares about what’s on your heart and is eager for you to trust and depend on Him so that you can reflect Him in powerful ways.

2. As a Leader, You Set the Tone!

It’s why you can’t afford to neglect your relationship with Him – it shapes all that you do!

The way that you inspire, the decisions you make, the changes you institute, and the ways you adapt to an ever-changing world all hinge on your ability to lead yourself and lead others.

How are you developing yourself as a leader? What systems do you have in place to help you lead at your very best? How are you shaping your ministries culture?

3. It’s a New Day

Going forward, life will be a little different! At the same time, some things won’t change at all! Don’t forget that children are still children, and children crave meaningful and positive relationships in their lives. How is your children’s ministry meeting that need? And how are you adapting what you do?  What touch-points do kids have with ministry volunteers? How will you systematically connect with kids – really connect? And how are you supporting parents in this season and pointing them to Jesus?

4. Use Change In Your Favor!

Yes, change is inevitable. There are powerful opportunities if you are willing to pivot and adjust! And as you are making needed shifts, don’t over complicate things! Keep it simple and sustainable. Remember to keep the Gospel front and center.

What have you discovered in the last year that’s enabled your children’s ministry to move forward successfully?