7 Things to Focus On To Make Your Children’s Ministry More Appealing

Marvae EikanasCommunication, Culture, Leadership, Volunteers

Overseeing a children’s ministry is not easy. Satan hates it when children are reached… but oh how pleased the Father is!

There is no minimizing the importance of having a vision for your ministry. It gives clarity to both those your ministry serves and those who work as staff or volunteers. Your mission statement will express the actions you will take to realize your vision. When your vision and mission are compelling it attracts those eager to make a difference for the Kingdom. That’s makes recruiting easier!

A great vision or mission statement is not the only draw for people to serve in your ministry. Here are a few other things that will improve the culture of your children’s ministry and make serving a more appealing experience:

1. Great organization

Things run smoothly when procedures are written down and easy to follow. Being able to quickly identify who does what where things are makes a difference. Providing start up packets for new teachers or helpers that clarify important information demonstrates the importance of their role in your ministry and makes serving a breeze!

2. Fantastic communication

When parents, staff, and volunteers feel like they know exactly what’s going on it creates positive feelings! How do you systematically communicate with them in a way that they can count on? How frequently to you share the positive things that are taking place in your ministry with the congregation? That kind of communication increases the visibility of your ministry and reminds people that what you are doing is significant.

Don’t forget that when phone calls and e-mails are quickly returned and handled with care it goes a long way towards keeping things positive!

3. Lots and lots of support for teachers and helpers

Do your teachers and helpers know they can seek you out as a resource? Are they regularly given information that will enable them to serve more effectively? When issues arise are they confident that you have their back?

4. “Happys”

What little perks such as free coffee, fun night events, or notes do you offer that will encourage them – they don’t have to be big – just thoughtful. It might even things like a timely smile or an  acknowledgement – personal recognition in front of the whole congregation of a job well done.

5. Relationship with you, the leader and the leadership team

There is nothing more motivating than feeling valuable enough to be worth someone’s time! How much of your time do your volunteers and staff enjoy? What changes do you need to make in order to be more available?

6. A positive culture

Is your ministry one that is just fun to be a part of? What can you do to make it a more positive environment?

7. Sincere follow up

Making the time to check in with new teachers and helpers after their first experience to find out how things went and eliminate problems down the road. Be sure to not stop there, but regularly check in with people who have been there awhile. Nobody wants to be forgotten, and you will be surprised what you might find out that can spur positive change that will enhance your ministry

Recruiting is easy when your ministry has an amazing reputation for being a great place to serve!

What are some of the things that make your children’s ministry a great place to serve? What needs to change to improve your culture?

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