Being An Intentionally Kind Leader

Marvae EikanasLeadership

While leading, how are you intentionally showing kindness to those in your care?

It’s been several years since I had the joy of overseeing the children’s ministry in my church. While I miss the kids tremendously (they keep you young), and connecting with parents and others who are passionate about God and children, I’m thrilled with the new opportunities God has brought my way where I leading is still an integral part of what I do.

From time to time I still get calls or emails from someone who previously taught or volunteered under me that reminds me of how far reaching the fruit of leading a children’s ministry can be. Some time ago I received a call from a teacher who wanted me to know how much she appreciated that our relationship has continued despite of the fact that she was no longer serving under me. That call blessed me!

Recently, a gal who grew up in our church and participated in our children’s ministry sent me an email to let me know the impact I’d had on her life. She went on to serve as a helper and her experiences under my leadership had prompted her to take a position overseeing the Kids Community at her church temporarily while in college. That warmed my heart!

There have been many other phone calls and emails confirming that my contribution made a difference while leading. I want to encourage you – your contribution matters too!

Leading is challenging!

It’s challenging to have enough teachers and volunteers to pull off a successful children’s ministry. If you are like me, at times you find yourself filling in on top of your role as a leader. That has the potential to zap your energy and dampen your attitude! Rest assured that every effort you make to love those who are in your care has the potential to make a difference! Not just touching the lives of the children and parents, but the volunteers and staff as well.

Don’t lose heart! Take an interest in their lives and allow them into yours – even when they are no longer serving in your ministry.

With Valentine’s Day just days away, it’s the perfect time of year to recommit to extending kindness to your staff and volunteers and showing them your appreciation. When was the last time you checked in with them to see how they were really doing? What would it mean to them to get a phone call to find out how you can pray for them, and mean it? What would happen if you called and checked in with those who no longer serve you and didn’t ask them to do anything? Or sent an encouraging I appreciate you kind of text.

Sometimes the best fruit when leading comes in round about ways. Having a reputation of kindness is powerful! And it reflects Jesus’ way of doing things! What if you were intentional about taking an interest in people, not just around Valentine’s Day, but all through the year?

Test it out and see! Happy Valentine’s Day!