Reaching Children & Remembering There’s a Battle Going On

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As a children’s ministry leader, remembering that there is a spiritual battle going on is hard in the midst of all your tasks, not to mention the phone calls, texts, and emails waiting to be returned. The enemy on the other hand…he knows that keeping children from coming to Christ at a young age significantly increases the chance they won’t … Read More

The Secret to Inspiring Your Volunteers

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Your children’s ministry depends on volunteers. It takes enthusiastic teachers and volunteers to share God’s love and reach children for Christ. Motivating and inspiring your staff, teachers, and volunteers starts with you, the leader. How can you lead in a way that inspires your team to serve and communicate God’s love in ways that truly make a difference? It all … Read More

One “FFAD” That Doesn’t Go Out of Style

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Currently, fidget spinners are all the rage. Every kid wants one, or two… or more! Fads – they come and go! Each year as I blow out more candles on my happy birthday cake I can add to the many fads I’ve seen in my day!  I know this will date me, but here’s a sampling of the many fads … Read More

Overcoming the Challenges of Irregular Attendance

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These days, there seems to be a common theme: children’s ministers are perplexed by the fact that people aren’t attending church regularly. The inconsistency in attendance makes it hard to feel like you are making a difference in the lives of children, not to mention how it creates problems for scheduling teachers and volunteers. Pinpointing why attendance is so inconsistent … Read More

Here’s Another Way to Minister to Children!

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A tidbit you may not know about me is that I homeschooled my three children beginning in preschool all the way through high school. Along the way we had some memorable moments! One such moment revolved around an assignment to prepare a meal using root vegetables. Ordinarily I might have offered some guidance or advice, but on this occasion I … Read More

Identifying and Adapting to the Personalities in Your Classroom

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Have you identified the various personalities showing up in your classroom? Learn how each personality shows up at its best, the weaknesses, as well as some tips to help you adapt to make you a more effective teacher! While the different personalities are broken down here – no one fits neatly into one category. Typically, both adults and children have … Read More

3 Ways to Get More Out of the Lessons You Plan

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When I was in high school I studied French for three years. It was a requirement! Yet, during college when I visited France it was clear that very little of the French language had taken hold! Languages just don’t come easy to me! Years later while homeschooling my three children I discovered that enough of the French had taken hold … Read More