6 Ways to Nurture What Kids Are Longing For

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More than ever, kids long to connect. It is an important part of how children learn about their world. While the relationship children have with their parents is key, according to experts, it makes a positive difference when children have other loving, caring adults in their life. As a teacher, you can be one of those adults! God made you … Read More

10 Creative Ways for Children to Memorize Scripture

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Children are like sponges. They are able to absorb and remember a surprising amount of information! Why not put that natural ability to work and assist children in memorizing scripture? Is there anything better to have tucked away for future reference? While memorizing the right words in a verse is important, it is even more critical that children come to … Read More

8 Happy Bonuses to Teaching Children About God & His Love!

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Let’s face it – life is brimming with activity! Volunteering to teach children about God, His love for them , and the reason He sent is Son – that can get squeezed out by the many things filling your  “to do” list.  Yet children are most receptive to the Gospel when they are young. That’s motivating to make it a … Read More

7 Things to Focus On To Make Your Children’s Ministry More Appealing

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Overseeing a children’s ministry is not easy. Satan hates it when children are reached… but oh how pleased the Father is! There is no minimizing the importance of having a vision for your ministry. It gives clarity to both those your ministry serves and those who work as staff or volunteers. Your mission statement will express the actions you will … Read More

3 Mistakes Teachers Make With Their Words

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Words are powerful! God revealed the power of words when He created the universe. Have you considered what you are creating with your words? Encouraging, complimentary, affirming words do good things for your soul. Cutting, angry words are scarring – their effect lingering long after the words fade. And the way you use your words in the classroom – that … Read More

9 Habits to Handling Holiday Stress

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Oh to be a child again! Children anticipate the holidays with great enthusiasm! The months leading up to Christmas made for some squirrely times with my oldest son. His excitement leaked out – he could barely contain himself! There is no doubt that the holidays are full of meaning. Time with treasured friends and family as well as so much … Read More