4 Tips to Escaping Communication Glitches

Marvae EikanasCommunication, Leadership

There are two crucial and very challenging milestones when it comes to parenting: potty training and teaching your children to drive! My oldest son was not anxious to learn how to drive. When he finally decided it was time, I soon discovered that teaching your children to drive is stressful! After getting his learners permit we drove straight to an … Read More

9 Tips for More Memorable Storytelling

Marvae EikanasStorytelling

Mrs. Turner was a gifted storyteller turning even the boring Bible Stories into something of interest! During my growing up years I was blessed to hear hundreds of Bible stories spring to life as Mrs. Turner’s puppets or flannels captivated my attention. I envied her skill. I wanted to be like her! If you measure things in minutes, the storytelling … Read More

Recruiting: A Never Ending Job!

Marvae EikanasRecruiting, Volunteers

  Yikes! Does the word recruiting make you cringe? Recruiting can be a frustrating, never ending job. Today attending church regularly is optional. People come and go with ease and it can compromise the quality of your children’s program. Even more importantly it hampers kids coming to know Jesus personally. And that’s really what it is all about… kid’s coming … Read More

Funky Foundations

Marvae EikanasFoundation, Ministry

The world is changing at a rapid pace! When I think about my own childhood and how talking on the phone meant you were limited to a three foot radius because you were tethered to the phone by a cord. Conversations had to be short so no one would miss a call. Long distance calls were made early in the … Read More

Why Parent Sheets?

Marvae EikanasParent Sheet

In God’s design, discovering Him was a family adventure. I love how this passage in Deuteronomy reads in The Message: Love God, your God, with your whole heart: love him with all that’s in you, love him with all you’ve got! Write these commandments that I’ve given you today on your hearts. Get them inside of you and then get … Read More

Do You Lead YOU as Well as You Lead in Ministry?

Marvae EikanasLeadership, Ministry

I can’t speak for all airlines, but the airline I typically fly has created some clever and entertaining flight safety videos. What better way to recapture people’s attention? Let’s face it, the muffled, over-the-speaker-safety-message, along with the corresponding visual demonstration is pretty easy to tune out! One of the key instructions in the safety spiel is to secure your oxygen … Read More

4 Lessons That are Caught as Much as Taught

Marvae EikanasTeaching

Growing up, my family was at church every time the doors were open.  Thankfully, I have fond memories of my childhood church moments – Sunday School or whatever mid-week program I was old enough to participate in. There was Mrs. Cooley, my very first Sunday School Teacher. She was calm and attentive – I felt noticed and loved in her … Read More

Dealing with Difficult Darlings

Marvae EikanasDifficult child

When it comes to teaching children about God and His love, my favorite moments are when a child comes to a powerful realization about God; a light bulb moment. It is extremely motivating to me as a teacher. However, dealing with behavioral issues in the classroom – that can be discouraging not to mention distracting! While there are a variety … Read More

Don’t Skip a Beat!

Marvae EikanasLearning Styles, Music

So there I am – belting it out. Completely engaged in worship and then it happens: my voice cracks or I go for a note with gusto, just not the right one! I have many talents. Singing is not one of them. I am so thankful that God does not gauge our worship by the sounds we create! For some … Read More