Play is Not Just for Kids!

Marvae EikanasPlay

My husband and I became grandparents just over a year ago. While I thoroughly adored being a mom, there is nothing quite like a grandchild. All the fun with none of the stress! Watching my grandson play – loads of fun!  He is a busy, busy boy! One of his favorite things to do right now is to fill up … Read More

3 Keys to a Great Volunteer Meeting

Marvae EikanasMeeting, Volunteers

Over the years I have attended many, many meetings. Some of those meetings have been more than worth my time. Others felt like a big waste of time! I have also led many, many meetings! What I have discovered:  a successful meeting takes time, effort, and planning yet pays off well in creating a synergy among your volunteers that can’t … Read More

Are You Suffering from Silo Syndrome?

Marvae EikanasLeadership, Ministry

The past couple of years have been humming along at a brisk pace. Oh, I know time doesn’t really speed up and slow down, but it sure does feel like it sometimes! When you consider all the changes that have taken place over the past two years including two children graduating from college, one getting married and one about to … Read More

It’s Not Too Early to Prepare for the Summer!

Marvae EikanasSummer, Volunteers

Before you know it, summer will be here. A time of year we all look forward to, and that present some interesting challenges when it comes to overseeing a children’s ministry. During the summer, teachers and helpers are getting away and enjoying time with family and friends while you are frantically trying to fill holes. That can be exhausting. This … Read More

5 Ways to Bless Your Teachers

Marvae EikanasTeachers

When it comes to love languages my daughter is the poster child for receiving gifts. In addition to quality time, she gives and receives love through gifts. Her encouraging “gift notes” and the personal, creative gifts she gives others make those around her feel not just loved, but loved extravagantly! No matter what your love language is, we notice when … Read More

Stretching Your Style

Marvae EikanasLearning Styles

This past weekend my husband and I enjoyed the beautiful weather at the botanical gardens. Orchids were being featured and we were reminded again of God’s expansive imagination and creativity! So many variations! God’s imagination and creativity are not limited to orchids or even plants. He has made each one of us unique and different. That is why it is … Read More

7 Things Your Teachers Want

Marvae EikanasTeachers

Inspiration – They need to know why what they do is important and how it contributes to the Kingdom. Appreciation – They need to know that you value their contribution and specific examples of things they do well and the difference they make. Encouragement – Life is full and challenging and the enemy wants to do everything he can to … Read More

It’s the Lingering Feelings that Count

Marvae EikanasPositive Classroom

Years ago a pastor friend told me “Children will never remember what they are taught at church.” This is not what a creator of Bible curriculum wants to hear, but I do understand his point. The truth is that later we rarely remember the specifics of a class, a conference or a sermon, but we do remember the feeling we … Read More

Kids are the Best Teachers!

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Kids bring fresh perspective to life. We need them in our lives! They are often the best teachers, and don’t even know it! Recently a friend shared with me how her daughter created lizard feet – basilisk lizard feet to be exact. I have to confess that I had never heard of this kind of lizard before. Come to find … Read More