4 Things To Remember Going Forward

Marvae EikanasLeadership

There’s no denying that the last year and a half have been challenging; life changing! Not only did 2020 rock our world personally, but it disrupted and challenged the church in significant ways. It forced us to do ministry in innovative ways that we might not have considered previously. It stretched us. Life is slowly returning to normal, or at … Read More

Being An Intentionally Kind Leader

Marvae EikanasLeadership

While leading, how are you intentionally showing kindness to those in your care? It’s been several years since I had the joy of overseeing the children’s ministry in my church. While I miss the kids tremendously (they keep you young), and connecting with parents and others who are passionate about God and children, I’m thrilled with the new opportunities God … Read More

Fresh Starts – What A Blessing!

Marvae EikanasLeadership

Ever have one of those days were one thing after another goes wrong? I know I have! That’s one of the many reasons why I am so thankful for new days! A fresh start is a blessing! The start of a new year is also an opportunity for a fresh start, not only for your ministry, but also personally. Why … Read More

“Cleaning Up” Your Vision

Marvae EikanasLeadership

As I pack away the holidays, I like to take my time. I like to savor the process! Most engage in spring cleaning, but I like to do my deep cleaning as I strip my house of Christmas. To me, it’s the perfect time to imagine my home in fresh and beautiful ways. The interruption of the merry season enables … Read More

Is it Time to Let Go?

Marvae EikanasLeadership

Let’s face it – life is full! It is rare when everything is under control and you have spare time on your hands. Just when you think you are on the brink of being on top of all of your responsibilities, something unexpected pops up. It might even be something amazingly good, but still something you didn’t anticipate. That’s why … Read More

Reaching Children & Remembering There’s a Battle Going On

Marvae EikanasLeadership

As a children’s ministry leader, remembering that there is a spiritual battle going on is hard in the midst of all your tasks, not to mention the phone calls, texts, and emails waiting to be returned. The enemy on the other hand…he knows that keeping children from coming to Christ at a young age significantly increases the chance they won’t … Read More

3 Tips to Surviving the Roller Coaster of Life & Ministry

Marvae EikanasLeadership

As a teenager, I made an effort to visit an amusement park at least once each summer to ride the latest and greatest roller coaster. I waited in lengthy lines over and over again to experience the wild rides. Now that I am older, roller coasters don’t hold the same thrill for me. Maybe as an adult there are enough … Read More

Maintaining Your Balance in Ministry – What Deserves Your Focus?

Marvae EikanasLeadership

Ministry is not for wimps! There will always be challenges – the need for more volunteers, better facilities, more resources, or solutions to problems with parents and/or children. If you let them, the challenges can overshadow how God is diligently working in your ministry. No matter how things feel, God is still in charge, eager to pour out His love, … Read More

7 Things to Focus On To Make Your Children’s Ministry More Appealing

Marvae EikanasCommunication, Culture, Leadership, Volunteers

Overseeing a children’s ministry is not easy. Satan hates it when children are reached… but oh how pleased the Father is! There is no minimizing the importance of having a vision for your ministry. It gives clarity to both those your ministry serves and those who work as staff or volunteers. Your mission statement will express the actions you will … Read More

4 Tips to Escaping Communication Glitches

Marvae EikanasCommunication, Leadership

There are two crucial and very challenging milestones when it comes to parenting: potty training and teaching your children to drive! My oldest son was not anxious to learn how to drive. When he finally decided it was time, I soon discovered that teaching your children to drive is stressful! After getting his learners permit we drove straight to an … Read More