What’s the Scoop When it Comes to Boys, Girls, & Learning?

Marvae EikanasLearning Styles

Spend a little time with kids and it won’t take long to realize that there are some distinct differences between boys and girls. While every child is unique, there are some certainly some tendencies when it comes to learning. Here are a few… What’s tendencies have you noticed when it comes to learning between boys and girls? How do you … Read More

Don’t Skip a Beat!

Marvae EikanasLearning Styles, Music

So there I am – belting it out. Completely engaged in worship and then it happens: my voice cracks or I go for a note with gusto, just not the right one! I have many talents. Singing is not one of them. I am so thankful that God does not gauge our worship by the sounds we create! For some … Read More

Stretching Your Style

Marvae EikanasLearning Styles

This past weekend my husband and I enjoyed the beautiful weather at the botanical gardens. Orchids were being featured and we were reminded again of God’s expansive imagination and creativity! So many variations! God’s imagination and creativity are not limited to orchids or even plants. He has made each one of us unique and different. That is why it is … Read More