“Cleaning Up” Your Vision

Marvae EikanasLeadership

As I pack away the holidays, I like to take my time. I like to savor the process! Most engage in spring cleaning, but I like to do my deep cleaning as I strip my house of Christmas. To me, it’s the perfect time to imagine my home in fresh and beautiful ways. The interruption of the merry season enables me to forget how my home used to look so that I can be creative as I put it back together.

It’s not a speedy process, but it is a stress free one. It can take a week or two or three depending on what else happens to be going on. I intentionally set aside the whole month of January if necessary to get my house back in order. Besides, I tend to enjoy my holiday atmosphere more after all the celebrating and I am able to truly enjoy them.

I view January as a “foundational month.” It’s the month that sets the rest of my year up for success.

Running a children’s ministry is much like leading a home. It requires a whole lot of love, a clear vision, some regular tending, as well as “deep cleaning” and tackling that in January is a great way to go!

Whether you follow my lead or prefer to leave the spring cleaning to spring or some other time of year, here are a few tips to help:

1. Set Aside the Time

Expecting this to happen overnight is an invitation for stress! During your time with God in the next few weeks ask Him to help you clarify your vision for your children’s ministry and show you how you can walk it out more effectively. Allow Him to grow your vision into a God sized one. Dream bigger and ask Him to help you make your vision more compelling.

Encourage your team to join you. It might be something you explore as a team over the course of an entire day or weekend. Or it might be something you pray about for the month of January and meet near the end to share all that God’s been speaking to you and/or your team. Contemplate how clear your current vision is and what you can do to improve it or breathe new life into it.

2. Re-evaluate

What activities are you currently doing that support your vision? What undertakings are detracting from your vision?

3. Brainstorm How to Share Your Vision

Just like rearranging my every day decorations brings new life to my home, sharing your vision in some new ways can liven up your message. What are some inspirational ways to communicate your vision to visitors, staff, teachers, volunteers, and parents? You may want multiple ways to communicate the same vision depending on the audience.

Let your imagination go and then narrow down the ideas to the ones that will have the greatest impact.

Don’t overlook less obvious ideas like doing a little deep cleaning in the classrooms or freshening up the hallways. These details communicate big messages too!

4. Execute!

Create an action plan and put your ideas in motion! Don’t try and do it all on your own – people want to make a difference. They want to be a part of something that changes lives.

A compelling vision that courageously guides your children’s ministry will attract others. It’s motivating to be a part of something exciting.

What’s your children’s ministry’s vision! We would love to hear how God is leading you.