Fresh Starts – What A Blessing!

Marvae EikanasLeadership

Ever have one of those days were one thing after another goes wrong? I know I have! That’s one of the many reasons why I am so thankful for new days! A fresh start is a blessing!

The start of a new year is also an opportunity for a fresh start, not only for your ministry, but also personally.

Why not breathe a bit of fresh air into your children’s ministry! Here are a few things to consider that will perk things up and help the coming year to be a positive one!


Who do you serve? What does He want you to accomplish in your life? In your ministry? Set aside some time to seek Him and realign with His vision.


What needs to change to keep your life and ministry on track? What’s missing? What do you need to eliminate?


How can you improve what you are currently doing and be more effective? What needs to be tweaked? It could be anything – attitudes, systems, environment, training, etc.


How do your priorities need to shift? What do you need to put your energy into? Have you been investing in the right people? Who can you invest in today that will ease your load for tomorrow? What aspect of your children’s ministry yields the greatest return?


Now is the perfect time to search for people who are well suited to work with children. Don’t overlook rising teens that make wonderful helpers in a classroom. Whoever you feel led to approach be sure to match their gifts and personality to the right volunteer position. Good matches last longer!


You really can’t train enough! Now is the ideal time re-establish proper procedures, inspire, cast vision, and knit your volunteers into a fabulous team. The more practical and fun the information you pass on at your training meetings the more motivated your volunteers will be to show up. Think of retraining as re-freshing!


Too often the things that happen in children’s ministry stay in the hallways of your children’s ministry. The truth is that God is always at work doing exciting things. He LOVES kids! He wants to transform their lives! Take the initiative to be a voice and share with your staff, parents, and congregation about what God is up to in your children’s ministry. It just might inspire others to jump in and join you!


Leading is draining. To lead well, you must practice healthy self-care and rest! Give yourself permission to slow down. Allow yourself to invest in your personal life and grow. I promise is will carry over and enable you to lead with fresh enthusiasm.

And remember, you don’t have to wait for a new year to start fresh! You can choose to do that today!

Where will you start fresh?