Here’s Another Way to Minister to Children!

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A tidbit you may not know about me is that I homeschooled my three children beginning in preschool all the way through high school. Along the way we had some memorable moments! One such moment revolved around an assignment to prepare a meal using root vegetables. Ordinarily I might have offered some guidance or advice, but on this occasion I allowed them to plan the menu all on their own. Long story short… we all ended up going out for ice cream leaving a barely touched meal growing cold on the table.

Another memorable experience we shared took place during the season I taught my kids Spanish. I had the help of an excellent Spanish language program, but even that program was not able to make up for my lack! My language experience consisted of the three years of French that I took in high school resulting in some very original pronunciations.

Thankfully for my kid’s sake, I was able to enroll them in a Spanish class and they all have a much better grasp on the Spanish language today!

So, why do I share these unfortunate, but memorable moments with you? As the saying goes “You can’t give away what you don’t have.” In order to teach something you must have a firm grasp on things yourself. Without an understanding of Spanish it was impossible to teach it to my children. And without a little guidance – a root meal can be inedible!

The same is true for teachers and parents. In order to teach spiritual truths, we must not only have an understanding, but the experiences to pass it on to children.

Because teaching spiritual things is the responsibility of parents, Cantamar Publishing provides Parent Sheets to help make it easy for parents to talk about God, and His way of doing life, with their children.

Ministering to parents is actually another way to serve kids. How might things be different if parents in your church were eagerly sharing their faith with their kids, reading the Bible, and praying together?

How can you better support and encourage parents? Here are a few ideas:

When you minister to parents you are ultimately ministering to children! That’s worth the effort, right?

How is your church or children’s ministry supporting parents? What unique ways have you found to meet the needs of parents today?

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