How to Rock the New School Year!

Marvae EikanasMinistry

Every year there’s a huge push as the new school year comes round. And each year that seems to happen quicker, and quicker – at least that’s how it seems! While parents are frantically freshening up their children’s wardrobes, scheduling eye exams, and purchasing the many items needed to set their child up for another great year of learning, it’s an ideal time to reboot your children’s ministry!

When it comes to your children’s ministry this year, how can you…

1. Refine Your Focus?

What’s your vision and how can you communicate that vision in a fresh way to church leadership, the congregation, parents, and your amazing team of volunteers? While your focus may be abundantly clear to you, it never hurts to remind others again and again.

This is also a handy time of year to evaluate what all your children’s ministry is doing. How are the activities aligning with you vision? What needs to change?

What might God want to emphasize this year; make a priority?

2. Pour Into Your People?

How you treat the folks on your team including your volunteers matters! They want to feel valued and supported! They want to be equipped and communicated with – never made to feel obligated, manipulated, or used. What needs some tweaking with it comes to your children’s ministry’s culture?

3. Perk Up Your Place?

Over time we stop seeing our facilities the way a visitor might. Intentionally walk through your children’s ministry area as if you have never been there before. How visitor friendly is it? What’s unclear when it comes to directions, how rooms are identified, etc.? What needs to be repainted, spruced up, or replaced?

4. Prioritize Praying?

It is impossible to have a fruitful children’s ministry without Him being at the center! He longs to make up for you weaknesses and to be glorified in all you are doing. When you prioritize prayer it makes a difference! Praying for the kids, teachers, your team, parents, that children would be drawn to Him!

How can you regularly schedule time to pray and seek Him?

May your children’s ministry be an abundantly blessed in the coming school year!