Kids are the Best Teachers!

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Kids bring fresh perspective to life. We need them in our lives! They are often the best teachers, and don’t even know it! Recently a friend shared with me how her daughter created lizard feet – basilisk lizard feet to be exact. I have to confess that I had never heard of this kind of lizard before. Come to find out God has blessed them with the unique ability to escape danger by running on water. Can you see why this adorable young lady might want to make lizard feet? And she not only made them for herself, but for the entire family!

Last week my friend’s daughter made wings. Even after my friend shared with her that God did not make us to fly she is convinced that soon she will be able to! She just needs more practice. She refused to believe that God didn’t make us to fly, or to not walk on water.

I love that kind of faith! I love that kind of heart! My friend’s daughter is exactly who I think Jesus was talking about when He said that we need to become more like little children.

Here are a few other things this creative child can teach us:

  • We become like those we surround ourselves with. Hanging out with kids helps us to see things in ways we never would otherwise. That’s good for us! What a fantastic point to make when recruiting for more volunteers in your children’s ministry!
  • As adults we are limited by what we “know” to be true. It often keeps us from seeing the possibilities and trusting God. As the angel told Mary, “God can do anything!” (Luke 1:37)
  • A servant heart is a tremendous blessing! She didn’t just make the feet for herself, she made them for her two sisters, and her parents as well.
  • So often as Christians we are content knowing the way of salvation and forget there are many who are still in danger and need a way of escape. Its unique feet are the key to the basilisk lizard being able to escape danger. By making the entire family feet she made it possible for those closest to her to avoid any terrible threats – the whole family would be safe.
  • As parents, teachers and others who work with kids, we need to allow each child to be exactly who God created them to be! This sweet little lady is utilizing all the creative abilities that God has blessed her with. Her mom is also an amazing artist and creates an environment where being unique and creative is celebrated. Soon she will discover that being outrageously creative is better than flying or walking on water! The truth is that when we embrace who God made us not only do we thrive, but He is glorified!

What lessons have you learned from children? Please take a minute and share your story with me!