It’s Not Too Early to Prepare for the Summer!

Marvae EikanasSummer, Volunteers

Before you know it, summer will be here. A time of year we all look forward to, and that present some interesting challenges when it comes to overseeing a children’s ministry.

During the summer, teachers and helpers are getting away and enjoying time with family and friends while you are frantically trying to fill holes. That can be exhausting.

This summer, start now in anticipation of those gaps. You can get the process started by…

1. Praying for volunteers

2. Clarifying your vision – Is it compelling? How clear is your why?

3. Brainstorming ways to improve your communication with parents, teachers, and helpers – poor communication is discouraging to your volunteers. And don’t overlook communicating with the congregation at large. How will they know what amazing things are going on with the children unless you make it a point to fill them in?

4. Creating a system to regularly recognize and reward the time, energy, and love that your current volunteers invest. Happy volunteers attract more happy volunteers!

5. Asking your teachers, helpers, and parents who they think might make an excellent addition to your ministry. Then follow up on their leads.

6. Enlisting the help of college age students who may be home for the summer.

7. Seeking out those who might be willing to help out for a limited time like the summer.

8. Reaching out personally to those you see potential in – who doesn’t appreciate knowing you see potential in them even if they aren’t able to help right now!

9. Considering combining classes just for the summer if you anticipate lower numbers so that you need fewer teachers.

10. Arranging for a teacher and/or volunteer to share highlights of their experience working with the kids during the service. Sometimes a volunteer sharing their experience and making a plea for help is heard in a way it would not be if you made the plug. Be sure to have a way for potential volunteers to sign up!

What’s your favorite way to prepare your children’s ministry for summer?