Being Thankful – Preschool


Examples of people who were thankful.



Being intentional about being thankful is not something to be done just in November! These Bible stories demonstrate for children some of the incredible ways that God responded to people who asked for His help in difficult circumstances. The stories don’t end there. The people in these stories also responded by thanking God and acknowledging where the help came from. While these stories took place long ago, God has not changed and He still helps and blesses us today! These lessons encourage children to follow their example and look for ways to be thankful too!

Lessons in this volume

  1. A Servant is Thankful (Genesis 24)
  2. Naaman is Thankful (II Kings 5:1-19)
  3. Daniel is Thankful (Daniel 1:17-2:23)
  4. Zechariah is Thankful (Daniel 1:17-2:23)