God Takes Care of Me & My Family – Preschool


Stories about God’s care for those that love Him.



The Bible contains some remarkable stories about how God took care of people. Some of those situations are similar to ones the children might find themselves in today like Abraham facing a move, or Joseph being mistreated, really mistreated by his brothers. Other situations might seem strange like having to hide in a basket in the water. The highlight of each of the stories in this volume will remind kids that God is not only able, but wants to take care of us, and that He often does it in some very surprising ways!

Lessons in this volume

  1. God Takes Care of Abraham and His Family (Genesis 12:1-13:18) (also in Abraham’s Family)
  2. God Takes Care of a Brother (Genesis 37) (also in The Life of Joseph)
  3. God Takes Care of Baby Moses (Exodus 1:8-2:10, Numbers 26:59)
  4. God Takes Care of Many Families (Exodus 15:22-17:7 / Psalm 78 & 106) (also in God Takes Care of His People)

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