The Secret to Inspiring Your Volunteers

Marvae EikanasVolunteers

Your children’s ministry depends on volunteers. It takes enthusiastic teachers and volunteers to share God’s love and reach children for Christ. Motivating and inspiring your staff, teachers, and volunteers starts with you, the leader. How can you lead in a way that inspires your team to serve and communicate God’s love in ways that truly make a difference? It all … Read More

Overcoming the Challenges of Irregular Attendance

Marvae EikanasVolunteers

These days, there seems to be a common theme: children’s ministers are perplexed by the fact that people aren’t attending church regularly. The inconsistency in attendance makes it hard to feel like you are making a difference in the lives of children, not to mention how it creates problems for scheduling teachers and volunteers. Pinpointing why attendance is so inconsistent … Read More

7 Things to Focus On To Make Your Children’s Ministry More Appealing

Marvae EikanasCommunication, Culture, Leadership, Volunteers

Overseeing a children’s ministry is not easy. Satan hates it when children are reached… but oh how pleased the Father is! There is no minimizing the importance of having a vision for your ministry. It gives clarity to both those your ministry serves and those who work as staff or volunteers. Your mission statement will express the actions you will … Read More

3 Keys to a Great Volunteer Meeting

Marvae EikanasMeeting, Volunteers

Over the years I have attended many, many meetings. Some of those meetings have been more than worth my time. Others felt like a big waste of time! I have also led many, many meetings! What I have discovered:  a successful meeting takes time, effort, and planning yet pays off well in creating a synergy among your volunteers that can’t … Read More

It’s Not Too Early to Prepare for the Summer!

Marvae EikanasSummer, Volunteers

Before you know it, summer will be here. A time of year we all look forward to, and that present some interesting challenges when it comes to overseeing a children’s ministry. During the summer, teachers and helpers are getting away and enjoying time with family and friends while you are frantically trying to fill holes. That can be exhausting. This … Read More